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Tahrir Square Presents: Children of the Egyptian Revolution 


This article first appeared in the Imperfect Parent Magazine. 

“Mommy! Don’t ‘Oust’ me! I am not an evil president.” Said my six year old as a reply to my “Allez! Oust! Au lit!” which is French for C’mon and get to bed right away. She associated the interjection ‘oust’ with the English verb she heard so many times from me, as well as on Television where news of attempts to ‘oust’ Mubarak, the evil Egyptian president, was all over. She said that to me in English then switched to Arabic to ask me if I can take her to Tahrir Square tomorrow.



Celebrating The Egyptian Revolution 

This piece was chosen as the Editorial pick of the week on Technorati Critics. 

The eve of the greatest stepdown in Egypt’s history, February 11th, 2011 was a night of jubilation, celebration and love.

We came back from the streets of our district, the 6th of October, part of the greater Cairo suburban community, exhausted, ecstatic and exhilarated. My husband, my six-year-old and my 14-months-old toddler and I danced the night away and sang the songs of freedom that my generation grew up listening to on our national television–songs that were banned years ago because the spirit of freedom, decisively, was sought to be suppressed. We cried, we hugged random strangers, and we felt, for the very first time, free.

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