>Men, Women and the Whole Nine Yards.


Ever notice how women are the only ones to ever read a how-to relationship manual? Women are also more likely than men to read how to please advice. Who do you think “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus” was written for? Do you think men care to know where women come from, let alone to please them?
In Muslim countries, the man-pleasing quests take on the form of righteous and pious religious behavior. In the west, it is the quest to be PHAT and sexy–but it is all one and the same. Look the way men want you to. Act the way men want you to. Make them happy. Why?? Because maybe then they will care about your happiness and needs.

All this women-power propaganda is just a thin veil of smoke hiding the ugly truth. It is only the women who are willing to go the whole nine yards. They work and earn money and put on make up. They learn how to cook better, dance better, be better in bed. They learn to be nice and motherly and ‘appropriate.’

When was the last time you saw a man Google “how to please your woman” rather than indecent pictures of Carla Bruni?

A woman , on the other hand, Middle eastern or otherwise, will seek to understand and please a man even if it meant turning into a bleached, painted, Silicone sack. I am not saying it’s wrong, rather I am wondering why this isn’t reciprocated. Forget the why– maybe it is too obvious.
I guess the question should be will it ever change?


>The Cairo House

>I reviewed The Cairo House on Blogcritics and the review is featured on Seattlepi

I have always been intrigued by autobiographies and memoirs in our culture. How many women can actually retell their lives in all honesty and truth without having Fatwas issued against or without getting disowned by their family?
For the already controversial, a bellydancer with a sex tape or an actress who lured a famous politician, I suppose it is easier. But for the rest of us, the ones who appear so harmless and innocent to all those around us, it is a different matter.

The fictional autobiography is nice; many things can be left unsaid. Yet still, there is a liberating power in saying everything like it truly was. I feel like it is a first-rate cathartic experience.

But then again, who am I to know. I have never written a memoir– at least not yet!

>Girl Vs. President

>Standing up against a sea of troubles is never easy. But how many people have the courage to do what this young woman here did?

I am not about to discuss the political aspects of the picture, because this is not what struck about it. My first impression, like many of you, was ‘WOW! This girl has guts!!’

Not too many people have the courage to stand up against their oppressors; the beaten woman, the abused child, the underpaid employee usually end up just taking it laying down.

We always need little inspirational tidbits, be it a quote, an article, or a picture. I think this is as moving as the ‘Shoe’ journalist who tossed at G. W. Bush what he deserved.

The imagery of it is beautiful too. Look at the girl, veiled, so small, and standing up against a huge crowd, a big car, and the one of the most oppressive b political forces in the world: the Iranian president. Ahmadinejad is looking as pretentious as ever, arrogant, and surrounded by bodyguards who could not protect him from this woman’s courage.

I received this in an email titled “woman of the year”. Well said.

This girl SERIOUSLY got game!!

>Romantic To The Bone: A not so modern take on Valentine’s day

Article first published as Romantic To The Bone on Blogcritics.org

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we should revisit the definition, and the very essence, of the word romantic.

One thing I am sure of is that St. Valentine is tossing in his grave.

Romance now is just yet another opportunity for businesses to capitalize on.

Everywhere you go: buy this, buy that. Take your girl here, then out and about over there. Wine and dine the night away, at the finest five-star restaurant that will charge you double ’cause its V-day.


Whether you fall for this depends on your definition of romance. I say V-day is for wussies!! You heard me, ladies.

Want true romance? Go back to prehistoric times. Picture this:

Prehistoric mama is snuggling with her baby cozily in the cave, by the fire, roasting some mammoth leg her man had hunted for her and the kids a few nights ago. Hunter-man has been out all day, going about his hunting-gathering business to feed his lady, his children, and their newborn.

As Hunter-man was coming home, he spotted a saber-tooth tiger lurking, blocking the entrance to his cave, posing a definite threat to the little ones and the Mrs.

Lo and behold, Hunter-man attacks the saber-tooth, stabs him two hundred times, slices his head off, skins him, and takes the fur to his beloved to keep her warm at night. Now THAT’s what I call romance!

That’s romance as it once was, and forever should be; not some measly guy bringing in a box of chocolates and taking his woman out for a restaurant he worked so “hard” to find a reservation at. Heck, he may even have her pay half the bill – or worse yet, she may be the one doing all the planning and in the end getting none of the fun.

Guys, romance is about taking care of your women, and fighting off the predators!

Gals, guys who buy chocolates on V-day are suckers. They should be getting you chocolates every day of the year!

>My Girl From Face book: Meg Ryan From Egypt

We spend a lot of time looking for inspiration, for some hope, for some potential reason to keep us smiling and looking forward for the future.
Well, I found mine today.
A delightful, sweet, optimistic, passionate person contacted me through Face book, and we shared dreams about a public library in Sheikh Zayed.
A place where kids can read and adults can borrow books. “The Shop Around The Corner, you know, like in Meg Ryan’s you’ve got mail.” She said to me; honestly, how sweet is that !
I loved her community spirit, her will, and her oozing enthusiasm.
Such a dreamer she is! And I’m just mad about dreamers.
I don’t come across many nowadays,  ever since I grew up and became an adult. When I was 18, life seemed like a perpetual series of hopes and dreams, to me and everyone around me.
I thought that this spirit was lost in time… so glad I found another dreamerJJ

>Reverse psychology, or how to beat a devout feminist.

“You are not the boss of me now! You are not the boss of me now! You are not the boss of me now, and you’re not sooo big!” from the Malcom in the Middle
theme song was my favorite chant for years. Me, the rebel, likes having absolutely no boss. I like taking my own decisions, playing my own game, and dealing with the consequences for better or for worse.
Many men in my life didn’t like that, mostly my dad and grandfather. Mom saw it as a sign of lack of discipline as a child, but in all truth, it was character.
So how do you beat a woman with character you might ask? Well, it’s easy, tell her that you don’t care what she does either way, and that it is TOTALLY her choice!
Better yet, tell her that you’d like her to do the exact opposite of what you want (yes, the old ‘reverse psychology’ trick). My DH swears by it!
I have an interesting job proposition and I feel hesitant because my baby boy is still tiny-so what does hubby do? “You really should take that job. It’s a wonderful opportunity. We could use the money..etc..etc”
Outcome: I want to stay home with the baby. I’ll be damned if I let someone decide for me >>>>>Grrrrrr! J Actually no, since he tells me that I am my own boss, and lets me be myself, and accepts me for who I am and what I am not.
I tell him that he’s the boss of me!

>Girl power ! "mais maman je veux être une princesse, moi !"

To my dismay, my 5-year-old daughter made the above statement in reply to why she doesn’t like Kim possible, and she prefers watching Spiderman!
MY daughter-me the bona fide feminist!-prefers to be the damsel in distress. She doesn’t want to be the savior. She wants to be the little helpless princess locked up in the tower waiting for prince charming. That is her idea of romance. Where did I go wrong? How did society get her? She says she prefers when boys defend girls, and that she hopes that she marries a guy with a nice house! She says her baby brother shouldn’t play with dolls and should not wear any color remotely related to pink!!!!!!!
Good God! How did that happen? And more importantly, how can it be fixed?
I am definitely going to gather up some ammo to attack this backward thinking. I will be vigorously searching for books, movies, and story ideas in counteract the patriarchal pop culture rearing its ugly at us every minute of the day.
Maybe I will never get her to take that Karate class, but at least I can teach her to stand up for herself; and that knights in shining armor are just a figment of men’s imagination to keep females hidden and locked away, never achieving their true potential.