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Guess who stopped by for a guest post at ?

Aya Salaheldine!

Aya Salaheldine who? Aya, the girl with long curly hair and a pet Bennu bird!

The girl behind Egypt the Uprising!


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Egypt The Uprising

My debut Novel “Egypt: the Uprising” is nothing like you have ever read before.

It is basically a mix of  fantasy , science fiction and hard core ancient Egyptian Mythology. Add a dollop of  modern-day interest and quircky characters and there you go !

It is the first of the series: “The Battle for Maat” whose official website is now my original blog. You can find it at

Hello Word and Other Stories

“Hello World” , offered by WordPress as a mere test salutation, just seems so sweet and appropriate that I have decided

Cover Art Amira Aly

expected release date June 2011

to keep it.

Today,  I say hello world with a new voice… my writing voice.

Some of you may be already familiar with my blog Cairote women &other stories  where I blog about whatever strikes my fancy.

And for those of you who are not, check out. There’s lots of interesting stuff on there.

My new darling is in the editing process now and I thought that warrants a fresh new site!

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce to you…

Egypt: The Uprising (Book 1 of the Battle for Ma’at)

Expect more news and story tidbits in the upcoming period 🙂 

>A Muslim Miss USA Is No Cause For Celebration – Culture – Blogcritics

>My article on Rima Fakih is an Editor’s pick A Muslim Miss USA Is No Cause For Celebration – Culture – Blogcritics

I have nothing against the girl; but she is no messenger of cross-cultural negotiations!

Check it out and leave a comment!

UPDATE so miss Fakih says that she is ‘proud to be Muslim’, but she , unfortunately, only states so in an Arabic newspaper yom7 and not in any of the American media !!