About Me

Biography (official, aka boring)

Dr. Amira Aly is a physician, behavioral medicine specialist, and lifestyle medicine consultant dedicated to helping her patients achieve health and optimal functioning .
Committed to bringing the latest evidence-based practices in wellness and mental health to the Middle East, Dr Amira Aly has undertaken extensive post graduate training ,both in the US and the UK, in the areas of counselling psychology, lifestyle medicine, public health nutrition, weight management, and trauma healing.

Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, positive psychology coaching, Mind Body Medicine, and cognitive behavioral practices are a few of the modalities she draws upon in her practice to foster integration, resilience and stress coping.

Her research interests include public mental health interventions in primary care settings, suicide and self harm prevention, resilience and optimism-enhancing interventions leading to exercise-habit changes and their effects on perceived self-efficacy in women with eating disorders.



A super girl with many talents…
Passionate, hapless idealist, and an incorrigible perfectionist a reformed perfectionist.
Oh, also a full-time mom and a born again fitness enthusiast.



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