>Men, Women and the Whole Nine Yards.


Ever notice how women are the only ones to ever read a how-to relationship manual? Women are also more likely than men to read how to please advice. Who do you think “Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus” was written for? Do you think men care to know where women come from, let alone to please them?
In Muslim countries, the man-pleasing quests take on the form of righteous and pious religious behavior. In the west, it is the quest to be PHAT and sexy–but it is all one and the same. Look the way men want you to. Act the way men want you to. Make them happy. Why?? Because maybe then they will care about your happiness and needs.

All this women-power propaganda is just a thin veil of smoke hiding the ugly truth. It is only the women who are willing to go the whole nine yards. They work and earn money and put on make up. They learn how to cook better, dance better, be better in bed. They learn to be nice and motherly and ‘appropriate.’

When was the last time you saw a man Google “how to please your woman” rather than indecent pictures of Carla Bruni?

A woman , on the other hand, Middle eastern or otherwise, will seek to understand and please a man even if it meant turning into a bleached, painted, Silicone sack. I am not saying it’s wrong, rather I am wondering why this isn’t reciprocated. Forget the why– maybe it is too obvious.
I guess the question should be will it ever change?


5 thoughts on “>Men, Women and the Whole Nine Yards.

  1. >Never did I notice before that women eternal quest was for “happiness and needs to be satisfied.” logically i could deduct that every woman goal is not necessary the relationship itself. Well if this is true, good for you… as long it remains a quest, not a way of living because ladies you are not, yet, in heaven. Stop overtendering yourselves, you are on planet earth, where life is severe and cruel for everyone, men and women alike. There is no and there will never be a manual that can give you (or us) instructions for living an eternal heavenly life style full of happiness and satisfied needs. It is said that we are more prone to generalize the bad than the good. Not all men are A**holes, especially those of them who are married, appears for me more tranquil, humble and realistic when it comes to their goals: striving for success in their life, mutual interdependence with their wives, providing proper education for their family… not for Carla Bruni pictures. Give a man your industriousness, you kindness, wisdom, and see the results…. As for search in Google, I have attempted to search for “men rights”? Google automatically displayed this message “Did you mean to search for: women rights”!!Happy life.

  2. >with failed two marriages, and losing a bundle in divorce courts – not to mention alienated children, I am still taking the side of women in this never ending tug of war. Women – all across the 9-yard spectrum, from Carla Bruni to Nawal Saadawi, are the ONLY reason for life. They are entitled to dictate! Mostafa

  3. >Anonymous 1, Some men fail to see the point of my post. It is not about vilifying men. It is not about men being A-holes or good family men. It is about the lack of interest some men display in relationships, as opposed to how much women invest. Is this a rule? Definitely not–but most men don't go through any trouble to make their woman happy. Yes, some may be good parents/reasonable men, but how many men CARE if they are good husbands let alone lovers??

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