>Islam The Politically Correct Religion and Racism in Egypt

>Racism in Egypt is back by popular demand!
Seems like  racism will always be a popular topic– be it in Egypt or elsewhere.

There are basically two types of responses:

a) Non Egyptians (of all colors of the rainbow) agreeing with my observation and some recounting their bad experiences with racism in Egypt.

b) Egyptians who are mad at me, and who utterly deny that any of this is true.

To all those who claim that Egyptians are not racist, I offer them the definition of racism from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
“1. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.
 2. a belief that race is the primary determinant of traits… and confers superiority”
So does that ring any bells? Superior race anyone?? Yep, as Egyptians see it, whites or khawagas are considered inherently superior.

While, like a dear friend brought to my attention, racism in Egypt does not have ‘evil’ manifestations–just harmless mocking and “slight” discrimination –mind you I don’t know if discrimination can be trivialized–
I just find it a behavior not becoming of Muslims. To see a woman in a burqa or a niqab call her Sudanese neighbor “ya sawda” , i.e. black, to insult her, just makes me utterly mad.

Islam was the first politically correct religion. The Quran instructs muslim to abstain from derision, mocking, and name-calling against other ‘peoples’ –perhaps the Arabic word kawm can also be translated as race ?? It also says explicitly in the Quran that God has created all humans equally, but made them into tribes and ‘people’ so that they can get to know each other. And he let them all know that the most superior or ‘best’ people are the ones that fear him and act in accordance with his orders — you know,  the ones that are generally good people!


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