>Seema Jilani Journalist Extraordinaire!

>Want an example of a kick-ass activist, journalist, and humanitarian worker who writes about things that matter not just topics that are right-wing friendly and demeaning to third world countries, and ,either directly pr directly. glorify the west? Look no further, you can read Seema Jilani’s great article in the guardian’s comment is free section.
Seema Jilani dares to challenge the ill-mannered expatriated party animals drinking their woes away at brand new luxury bars in Afghanistan. She is ferociously attacked by the “free thinkers” who support the right of  their poor fellow colonials in partyin’ til dawn.
This reminds me of the scenes from old Egyptian movies where brit soldiers are swaggering drunk at the early hours of the morning in Cairo streets. But I think that what’s happening in Afghanistan is worse.
 Back in Colonial times, it was not claimed to be a war on you “for your own good.” The British Army did not march into Egypt claiming to free its women and help human rights prosper. They knew they were the big bad wolf, and they didn’t care! Ah, it was easy back then. Now things are more complicated. There is terrorism. There is Bin Laden. And there is of course the post 9/11 world of shiny bombs and sticky ambushes and dead civilians in a handful of countries in the name of the war on terror.
People like the pediatrician Dr Seema  Jilani humble me tremendously, but they give me hope. Hope in honest, fair, and enlightened  journalism

Two thumbs for sensitive, eloquent souls like Seema Jilani!


2 thoughts on “>Seema Jilani Journalist Extraordinaire!

  1. >what is perhaps as revealing as Seema's piece are the ignorant rants/comments at the tail end of the article. They didn't get it, or chose NOT to get it. What a stupid bunch of brain-washed (at best), west-centered, arrogant, short-sighted whinos..Mostafa

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