>Read A Book And Stop Watching Tom and Jerry

>The verdict has been out for eons people… Tom and Jerry is NOT a kids cartoon! It is too violent, too mischievous, and too downright pointless–hey, it’s not even politically correct!!

You would not let your kids watch “South Park”, so why let them watch Tom and Jerry?

What I can’t understand though is the Egyptian obsession with Tom and Jerry. It’s like a cult ’round here. People tell me :”C’mon we all grew up with that stuff!!” No we didn’t, not all of us anyway. Some people were watching the cuter, but much less entertaining I admit, Mickey Mouse.

And then again, why do we have to watch anything at all? Whatever happened to the idea of snuggling up cozily with a good book? Nobody seems to do that anymore…

I wanted to start a book club–I was sneered at whenever I suggested the idea to people I know. “We just don’t have the time for that sort of thing.” They’d argue; but these same busy bees follow religiously at least THREE different TV shows.

I do read for my own pleasure, of course. But I miss discussing books, and analyzing poems.
 The way you revel in the subtleties and finess of a book you are reading with a willing companion is a pleasure I have been denied for so many years now. The moment I stepped into Med school actually. The literary artsy types are not exactly a dime a dozen over there. Sure there are some–but I was part of the elite” awal el dofa” gang –ie.top of the class. So mark-hogging was all we cared about; not exactly the setting for discussing our literary inclinations!
I wonder if there could be an “online book club” of some sort– I’ll look into that. *making a mental note*

This was meant to be a post about not watching violent cartoons, like Tom and Jerry, and maybe instilling the love of reading in your children; but we got a little side-tracked…yeah just a little *wink*


5 thoughts on “>Read A Book And Stop Watching Tom and Jerry

  1. >Dear,I Guess the 2 subjects here are not completely relevant.Stop watching Tom & Jerry cartoon is one thingAnd getting into the healthy habit of reading is another thingAnd if U talk about Tom & Jerry and dare to say its violent!!!! then I invite U to watch Cartoon network, or z new disney channel cartoonsCompared to them, Tom & Jerry are Angelic & Extremely Ethical………!!!As for reading & making it a habit, especially with our children, then this is something U implant in the house & the respectable school grow it more, through proper methods.And it has nothing to do with watching cartoons, but as U mentioned in ur article, it has everything to do with Time management.And although I have an extremely busy schedule, I manage to always read a good book & discuss it with my friends & work colleagues.I'm sure that creating an online Book club is a brilliant idea & worth trying & it might trigger a little bit more reading, if the subject interests the members of z book clubCheersAhmed

  2. >Glad someone shares the sentiment (about the books at least!) Yes, I do admit that the two topics do not seem to blend together, But the whole article was inspired by a friend buying her husband a Tom and Jerry Golden edition /complete set or something of the sort-and she says that they never have time to read … CN and Disney Channel cartoons are not targeted for toddlers and pre-schoolers (you have playhouse Disney for that). Many people let their 1 and 2 year olds watch Tom and Jerry under the pretense that it is innocent. It is not –the 'good vs.evil' theme does not even exist in T&J –unlike many other violent Cartoons where there is a struggle, or a quest, and at the end good prevails. Let me say though that I do not condone violent cartoons of any shape or sort.

  3. >Good article Amira!Rases the urgency for understanding and for the lack of reading.No one can see the world just through a TV. Books are extremely important to enrich your self. Tom and Jerry are stupid, it's good when parents want to give soup to their children.Tom and Jerry was considered an violent cartoon in Europe, the BBC channel used to give the cartoon in 'adult schedule'. It was also considered political. Let me remember also Bugs Bunny was censored. In questions of history your right.The relation you made with South Park is correct. Aggressive and political. Close the TV and give to your children books to read.

  4. >There are books clubs u can join.. they're not always a success (the last meeting when discussed Love in the Time of Cholera jumps to mind) but it's refreshing.. bookclubs is not something u do with close friends.

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