>Florida Mosque Bombing A Hate Crime

>I hate hate crimes, especially the ones that escape the mainstream media radar.
AOL has an article about the bombing of a mosque in Jacksonville, Florida. The explosion shook the mosque at the time of the evening (isha) prayer, and luckily none of the 60 Muslims inside were hurt.

The FBI has some leads–including a video recording of the incident, and the The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)has put out a monetary reward for anyone steps forward with information leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

This bombing took place May 10th, and media coverage remained mostly local. CAIR says that there has not been adequate national media coverage.

This is again a classic case of  use/misuse of media power that I talked about in my previous post.

Media, journalist, and bloggers skillfully choose which hate crimes to ignore and which ones to dwell upon for months–depending on what suits their purposes of course!

So what are your purposes?

P.S. Special thanks go out to Naaila Hassan and Dena Shunra for bringing this to my attention through their tweets.

One thought on “>Florida Mosque Bombing A Hate Crime

  1. >Yes, you are right, Time Square bomb (which wasn't really a bomb nor did it explose) showed in the worldwide media for weeks… I think terrorist will have to nuke a mosque or two to get our attention, less then that nobody will bother!

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