>Selling Your Soul To the Devil And Sending Out Hate Mail

>Apparently many were insulted by my post. Some have been successful in ‘tracking down’ my email–that’s the way they put it, as if my email is a runaway rogue!–and have gracefully showered me with insults. So I now provide a direct link to my email, just in case anyone else wants a piece of me.

I have been called : backward, conservative-not an insult, but they used it as if it was–, and retared. That tells more about them than me.

 Still, I’d like to make a few things clear…..

 I have not disabled comments on this post, or any other. In fact, I do not even moderate comments. That was a blogger glitch (and it has happened before!)

I am not an a rigidly conservative person; I am quite open-minded and I do support freedom of speech; but what I do not support is the dichotomy of the media, best illustrated by the article “Bashing Islam is Freedom Criticizing Israel is a Hate Crime” There just seems to be too many Muslims/Arabs out to get the faults in our countries, and not nearly enough people that care about what’s wrong with the rest of the world.
Marwa ElSherbini and Mohamed Aldora were faces brought to the attention of the world through the media.  Writers , in choosing what to write about, exercise choose the fate of nations. And they do so in either through love or hate.

You can spread love, equality, and hope through your writing from time to time. Find a positive example and interview them. Highlight an accomplishment. Write a piece suggesting solutions once in a while people, it won’t kill ya!


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