>"We Are Not Egypt"


As I was flipping through the channels, and I stopped at FOX NEWS –which is something  I often do if I am in a mood for a laugh at the stupidity and sheer ignorance of these right wing Bush-loving farces.
The host was none other than Glenn Beck whom I rarely have the stomach to listen to for more than 10 seconds; but he was talking at the failed Time Square bomb and the arrest of  a Pakistani-American who was ‘fleeing’ for Dubai.

Glenn Beck went on and on , for at least 5 minutes, about how it was no surprise that the bomber is a Muslim. Then, he was contemplating what should they do to him to make him confess and rat out the rest of his buddies. Shahzad, the wanna-be bomber, is an AMERICAN, to the dismay of GB: ” we are not going to tie him down and torture him into confession. He is an American Citizen. We don’t do that to our citizens.” Then, unexpectedly–and totally uncalled for– he added :” We are not Egypt. They do that to their citizens. But not us; being a citizen of the United States of America is a privilege.”

Yeah GB, you just send them down to Guantanamo Bay where they do that for you!

As for the part about Egypt, well, umm, I think I will just stick to “no comment”.


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