>Shoot Em Down : MPs in Egypt


As a sort of a twisted come back at the esteemed MPs suggesting that Egytian protestors should be shot down, I will argue that these members of the so-called Egyptian ‘parliment’ should be hanged in public display. Why you ? Well I have a whole bunch of reasons:
  • 1. Legal grounds:  Since we have the death penatly in Egypt, it should be applied here in this case, with no reluctance or regerts because the above mentioned MPs have caused political apoplexy in Egypt for the past 3 decades or so.
  • 2.Religious:  “al ifsad fi al ard” which translates to ‘spreading mischief/corruption in the land’, what corruption is worse than killing a bunch of innocent protestors??
  • 3.Added bonus: there will be many more ‘treatment at the expense of the state’ decisions available for other MPs to fiddle around with!
So, what do you all think?

6 thoughts on “>Shoot Em Down : MPs in Egypt

  1. >I may also add:4. Propaganda. It will be such a perfect public display of how the regime is tolerant and democratic! What better propaganda than "taking care" of those who threatened the people?

  2. >The fact that an MP would actually call for shooting protesters is disturbing and disgusting. I don't think he meant it literally though. He wanted to curry favor with the ruling party by kissing ass and since most of those MPs are not decent or respectable people they tend to get carried away in their verbal arguments. This should really be grounds for his dismissal from Parliament. We need to burn the entire parliament and start from scratch.

  3. >However, there are elections this November. I made my first election card this year. Now that I think of it, I might just end up abstaining. The guy in my district is Tarek Talaat Mustafa and I can never imagine him losing anyway. I hate him for petty reasons – but what are the alternatives. If the choice is between the NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood, I'm abstaining!

  4. >Good morning everyone.Does anyone here believes the votes really worked out in Egypt? Mubarak is for almost 30 years making democracy in Egypt. There is someone to his place?

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