>Boycott Meat before We Start Buying From Israel

>As I was googling the meat boycott in Egypt today, an obscure Jewish blogger brought to my attention an article posted in Palestine Today.

According to Palestine Today and Almasralyoom newspaper, Israel has kindly offered to help out with our meat woos by offering to secure a meat export agreement of 150 tons. The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture has graciously refused! THANK GOD! They also asserted that there is no meat shortage, and they urge consumers to boycott meat to stabilize prices.

Well, I have a couple of problems with this news piece…..

In the news headline, the Palestinian newspaper wrote that Israeli government is “offering meat to Egyptians free of charge.” Well, free of charge is not the same thing as export. My guess is that Israel would have tried to make a gazillion dollars out of this deal!!! And if the Israeli authorities are so considerate and ready to donate meat, why don’t they give it to the starving people in Gaza.

I found the whole thing disturbing. And do you know what my biggest fear was?

Honestly, I fear that one day we MAY have to buy meat from Israel!

We have to be less carnivorous and boycott meat!


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