>Meat Boycott Update

>It’s officialy THE hip-and-happening thing to boycott meat now in Egypt….
The Egyptian Consumer Protection agency,
the Giza Governorate ,
even the minister of agriculture are urging Egyptians to boycott meat.

Cattle breeders, farmers, and traders–along with butchers of course– will have to do something about the prices if nobody buys meat from them, wouldn’t they?

Meanwhile, what other creative culinary options are out there?

  • The un-creative options are fish and chicken–don’t just give in to the urge to rely on these only, or their prices might soar!
  • Have Koshary once a week– we’ll call that ‘Authentic Egyptian’ day. 
  • Mac’n’Cheese will also provide a hefty serving of proteins (Macaroni and cheese is quite simple –and utterly delicious!)
  • Mexican-inspired day: cook some rice and eat it with a side of red kidney beans and salsa (chopped tomates, spring onions, green peppers). 
  • Sauteed mushrooms with pasta (‘al funghi’), or served with potatoes and green beans. 
  • Lima beans with tomato sauce and rice. 
  • Yellow lentils cooked with spinach and rice. 
  • A nice warm Cheese souffle (also very elegant to serve).
  • Shakshouka — if anyone needs to know what that is let me know, I’ll give you my grandma’s recipe!
  • fattet-hummus. Cook regular fatta but instead of meat on top, you add a scrumptuous mixture of hummus cooked with onions, cut-up tomatoes and tomato juice. Serve it with a side of tabouleh .
  • Mushroom and onion quiche with a large mixed salad.
You should take this opportunity to tantalize your taste buds with an array of dishes  from all over the world…

2 thoughts on “>Meat Boycott Update

  1. >We all have other alternatives than meat but Egyptians like to eat meat alot although it is not healthy. What is more healthier for grown ups and our kids is Fish which is rich with calcium. Chicken have fats too but it is less harmful than meat. We have to change our way of eating to live a more heathier life. Above ideas & alternatives are great. Wish everyone can implement them.

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