>Top Ten Things to Do While Pulling a Baby-All-Nighter

>The first three months of babyhood ‘or more for those unlucky few’ revolve around  staying up all night fighting sleep, and finding things to do when all you really want is sleep!
Hope this list helps…….

10. Watch muted Television.
This is by and large my favourite. You just have to make sure you are not watching something that “flashes” a lot, or you risk to hyperstimulated an already sleepless little soul.
You need , of course, to choose something with subtitles– or learn how to lip-read!
9. Practice mental math.

Not fun, I admit. But if you stick to it you can turn yourself into an everyday mathematical whizz in no time.
Start simple: add and subtract, review your multiplication tables, then on to more complex operations–like figuring out how fast you need to lose weight to be able to get back into shape before summer (then decide of course which summer you’re talking about…. the summer your baby turns 1, or 2, or goes to college!!)

8. Meditate/Pray.

If the idea of turning into Al khwarizmi does not appeal to you, maybe you fit more in the Ghandi category. Meditation is quite successful at these unholy hours when everyone is asleep.
You can also Pray , or repeat daily Azkar. Being with a baby is a nice opportunity to count your blessings, and thank God for them.

7. Use Visualization techniques.

You know these nasty habits you’ve been trying to kick? Try and use visualization techniques to conquer them. Or better yet, try and ease your stress through relaxing mental scenery…. your baby sleeping soundly and cuddling up in your arms on a Hammack in the Maldives.

6. Make a mental list of your chores for the next day.

Less relaxing, but definitely more productive.

5. Listen to your iPod.

Who says a sleep-deprived mama can’t enjoy her tunes?

4. Recite/Rehearse

Have you been dreaming to memorize something? Poetry, Soliloquies, Quran? No better time than now. Just wait until the little one is quite enough for you to focus and concentrate.

3. Think of ways to make it up to your hubby.

No doubt that your morning grouchiness, combined with your late-night tiredness, has taken its toll on your marriage. Try to think of all the nice little ways you can be nice to your husband. Telling him that you miss your old self is sometimes enough!

2.Open Up a Facebook account.

This could keep you entertained for hours. Cooped up in a room with baby on your lap, Facebook gives you a window to the outside world where you can safely envy all those who have a life while you water your crops and feed you Farmville cows!

1. Doze off.

Ahhhhhh… the least glamorous but most desired! Assume a position that’s safe for the baby (ie. that won’t make him roll off your lap), rest your head on your shoulder, or back on a headrest, and get some shut-eye. You may find that even 10 minutes might invigorate you.

And remember, this is just a phase and it won’t last forever! Think of all the blessings of motherhood. Not easy. But truely puts things in perspective. Think of all the happy-squealing months you have ahead of you, and all the ‘I luv you mum’ cards you will be getting, and the little hugs and kisses and you might just feel a little better.


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