>International Universities In The 6 Of October

>According to  Al Masry Alyom,  residents of the sixth of october city might finally be able to compete with our ‘New Cairo’ rivals!!

It’s true that the American University in Cairo has moved far far away from us, but there maybe branches of The Sorbonne, Nottingham University, and even Georgetown University in our neighborhood sometime in the future.

Needless to say, these are not the educational institutes themselves, they will operate under affiliations. Unlike other flimsy ‘affiliations’ that did not offer much to attending students in profit-making private universities, this is supposed to be different. They will be affiliated with various faculties of Cairo University.

Currently, I have not been able to find out whether this has anything to do with the land Cairo University owns next, and is building upon, next to Hyper One market.

Does this translate into a glimmer of hope for Egyptian Higher education?

I believe so. Let’s not forget that the Sorbonne-Faculty of Law affiliation in Cairo University (what is known as ‘Faculty of Law, French division’) was quite fruitful to Egyptian graduates.

My only concern is: will they recruit a teaching staff up to the job?

I guess we shall see….


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