>Romantic To The Bone: A not so modern take on Valentine’s day

Article first published as Romantic To The Bone on Blogcritics.org

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we should revisit the definition, and the very essence, of the word romantic.

One thing I am sure of is that St. Valentine is tossing in his grave.

Romance now is just yet another opportunity for businesses to capitalize on.

Everywhere you go: buy this, buy that. Take your girl here, then out and about over there. Wine and dine the night away, at the finest five-star restaurant that will charge you double ’cause its V-day.


Whether you fall for this depends on your definition of romance. I say V-day is for wussies!! You heard me, ladies.

Want true romance? Go back to prehistoric times. Picture this:

Prehistoric mama is snuggling with her baby cozily in the cave, by the fire, roasting some mammoth leg her man had hunted for her and the kids a few nights ago. Hunter-man has been out all day, going about his hunting-gathering business to feed his lady, his children, and their newborn.

As Hunter-man was coming home, he spotted a saber-tooth tiger lurking, blocking the entrance to his cave, posing a definite threat to the little ones and the Mrs.

Lo and behold, Hunter-man attacks the saber-tooth, stabs him two hundred times, slices his head off, skins him, and takes the fur to his beloved to keep her warm at night. Now THAT’s what I call romance!

That’s romance as it once was, and forever should be; not some measly guy bringing in a box of chocolates and taking his woman out for a restaurant he worked so “hard” to find a reservation at. Heck, he may even have her pay half the bill – or worse yet, she may be the one doing all the planning and in the end getting none of the fun.

Guys, romance is about taking care of your women, and fighting off the predators!

Gals, guys who buy chocolates on V-day are suckers. They should be getting you chocolates every day of the year!


2 thoughts on “>Romantic To The Bone: A not so modern take on Valentine’s day

  1. >I completely agree with you. Valentine's Day is a hallmark holiday and was created so that people can make money. Some single people think that it's romantic, but who hasn't gone to dinner before and shouldn't your man tell you that he loves you every day rather than once a year? I just read a funny story about a woman who shows how romance in her marriage has changed over the years. If you want to read it, go to http://www.powderroomgraffiti.com/get-it/

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