>Philips Avent Express Steam Sterilizer Review


No matter how long a woman breastfeeds, eventually, you start bottle-feeding. Everyone knows that bottle sanitation is essential, but everyone dreads the ‘let’s fish the teats from the boiling pot scene.’ It looks rather prehistorical—not to mention that it is very time consuming.
If you make up you mind to buy a steam sterilizer, the Avent express is an excellent choice. As its name suggests, it’s fast. It is also very user-friendly, you don’t even need to read the manual to operate it.
It takes six Avent bottles, and comes equipped with two of them, and depending on the package you need, you can get it complete with a breast pump. They even took care of the residue building up in the steamer by providing sachets for de-scaling (along with instructions.)
Is it worth the price? Yes, every penny!


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