>Reverse psychology, or how to beat a devout feminist.

“You are not the boss of me now! You are not the boss of me now! You are not the boss of me now, and you’re not sooo big!” from the Malcom in the Middle
theme song was my favorite chant for years. Me, the rebel, likes having absolutely no boss. I like taking my own decisions, playing my own game, and dealing with the consequences for better or for worse.
Many men in my life didn’t like that, mostly my dad and grandfather. Mom saw it as a sign of lack of discipline as a child, but in all truth, it was character.
So how do you beat a woman with character you might ask? Well, it’s easy, tell her that you don’t care what she does either way, and that it is TOTALLY her choice!
Better yet, tell her that you’d like her to do the exact opposite of what you want (yes, the old ‘reverse psychology’ trick). My DH swears by it!
I have an interesting job proposition and I feel hesitant because my baby boy is still tiny-so what does hubby do? “You really should take that job. It’s a wonderful opportunity. We could use the money..etc..etc”
Outcome: I want to stay home with the baby. I’ll be damned if I let someone decide for me >>>>>Grrrrrr! J Actually no, since he tells me that I am my own boss, and lets me be myself, and accepts me for who I am and what I am not.
I tell him that he’s the boss of me!


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