>Copy me this, Copy me that

Aaaaaahh! You poor saps!
Lacking imagination and creative power is really plaguing the Egyptian society. And that is why we have ‘trends’ that wax and wane in almost EVERYTHING: baby names (you have generations that are called Sara, Dina, Imane and Rasha, now it’s Yussef, Loujy, and Malak), going to university (for some time the ‘it’ thing was ‘seyaha w fenade2’ (ie. Tourism and Hotel services) to be replaced years later by ‘tegara English’ and ‘7o2ou2 English’ (commerce and law schools—English department), and of course shops and businesses.
Back in the eighties, you had a video rental shop at EVERY corner. It starts by some random guy starting the business, it’s a success, so about 10 or 20 other guys in the neighborhood say : ‘ yeah, what the heck! If it worked for him, it is bound to make me rich too!!’ so in a matter of a few months, you have a street with 5 rent-a-video shops on it and no supermarkets! This was later replaced by Net Cafés, and then by playstation venues, and of course mobile (Cell Phone) shops!!The funny thing is it is always the SAME shop-owners that keep changing activities, always on the look-out for the next hip-and-happening thing.
I check-out a few cool businesses on Face Book; gift-making and the like. Well, I am sure that within a few months many people will have ‘borrowed’ the idea and didn’t think of particularly adding any new twist to it.
Honestly, people, GET A LIFE!!!!!!


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