>"Twilight: new moon" and the case of the disappearing ratings

>Where I come from “saga” is good!
But apparently that is not the case worldwide!!!

Let me explain… On a beautiful afternoon, DH and I were set out to watch Avatar, but the 3-D machine wasn’t working in the Golden Stars Cinema. So we were left with either 2012, awlad el am “the cousins”, or t twilight new moon. Since I’ve sworn off arabic films, and hubby has sworn off disaster Apocalypse movies, we were left with Twilight. I remembered reading “the Twilight saga” somewhere; so I thought that it might be interesting.

Little did I know, we were about to watch a ridiculous, boring, kiddy, cartoon-like depiction of a pathetic story! The only reason anyone can sit through it is if you find that vampire dude hot; and well let’s just say you’d either be a pedophile or really really young.

This movies should come with a warning for adults, much like the rated R is meant to deter the youngesters; there really should be a rating of NFA16 (Not for anyone over 16)!


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