>English in Egypt

>It really goes beyond the pronunciation errors–I think that non-native speakers are allowed to have the few oddities here and there.
But to think that you’re all that- a pro-a writer/editor, and make ridiculous mistakes, now THAT’s inexcusable. Check this out. This is from a posting on Facebook. That person is seeking a freelance contract in Egypt!!! And guess what! She actually got a reply from a magazine seeking editors!!! :

 “I’m interested in anything that concerns Writing, Editing or Proofreading as I’m a Freelancer Editor. Pllease *double l!* don’t hesitate to ask any extra questions or as for writing samples.Looking forward to meeting your requirements and hearing from you.”

Pfff….. Puhhhhhhhhleeeeezzzzz…. !

So I check the sad thing’s profile, and guess what she’s an MIU grad (Misr ‘International’ Univ.) Go figures!


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